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Morning Desert Safari Dubai – Desert Raja


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Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Excitement knows no bounds in the Arab sands as you set out on an adventure so enthralling and memorable. What better way to spend a morning in the beautiful city of Dubai than opt for the desert safari? If you’re touring Dubai, the morning desert safari is one experience you simply cannot afford to miss out on.

It has something for everyone- whether you are a couple, a group of friends or you’re on a family vacation. Our package takes you through the very best of this experience- think camel safari, dune bashing, visiting a camel farm, enjoying spectacular landscapes and so much more.

Brief Overview

The morning desert Safari in Dubai is a must-do item on your checklist for many reasons. To begin with, you will be connecting with nature like never before and experiencing firsthand the wilderness of the United Arab Emirates. This is a one-off experience that allows you to explore, ride through dunes and tackle them, and interact with the beautiful animals that camels are. Most importantly, you will be creating memories with people that you love while bringing out the thrill-seekers in yourselves.

You will start your day right by waking up early morning to celebrate everything that the Arabian desert stands for. An array of activities have been arranged to keep you engaged and excited throughout the morning safari. Your children are going to be talking about the dune bashing and camel ride for ages to come. The Dubai desert is extremely picturesque and you will be confused whether to continue sand boarding or take a minute to pose on the golden sands.


Here is a brief idea on what you can expect from this highly exciting morning desert safari Dubai is known for. Our morning safari lets you explore the golden sands like never before and here is how we do it.


Our morning desert safaris last about 4 hours including the transportation time back and forth from your hotel. Make sure that you are well rested because you are in for a packed morning that is filled with thrilling dune bashing, a long camel ride, sandboarding, sipping on delicious traditional Arabic coffee and so much more.

Activity Duration: 04 hours (approx.)

Pick-up Point/Drop-off Point:

Free 4*4 Pick up: Round trip transfers from hotel in a 4 *4.

Pick-up & Drop-off Time:

08:00 AM – 08:30 AM

12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

The Different Experiences – What to Expect from our Morning Safari?
Dune Bashing

Catering to your wildest thrill-seeking desires, dune bashing is a wonderful experience that is loaded with moments that make you scream in excitement and hold on tight. You will witness the hidden gems of Dubai as you tour the early morning desert in a 4×4 vehicle that takes you up and down the tall sand dunes. Well, no time to relax though. The journey has just begun.

Sand boarding

Your adventures just began with the dune bashing. You will hop on to your sand board and surf down the beautiful desert with the beautiful red dunes standing proud around you. With a short camel ride, we guarantee this is among the most fun you will have during your trip of Dubai city, United Arab Emirates. This desert safari just got so much better!

Camel Ride

All of our guests unanimously agree that the camel ride is one of their favorite parts of the tour. The safari is incomplete if you don’t take the time to explore the dunes and beauty of the desert atop a camel. This is an adventure unlike any other and the camel is such a lovely and friendly animal as you will see. You will be going home with a very different perspective about these wonderful animals after your visit.

Capturing Memories

As a thank you for choosing us for your morning desert safari trip, we will make sure to capture your reaction video during the safari so that you can look back at the visit with plenty of smiles and laughter. This trip, which is full of adventure and a ride to remember will be with you forever no matter how many other tours you make.

There are plenty of fun spots during the tour where you can click photos. Pose on the dunes or wave from the camel or . Make sure you take many photos and make this journey as memorable as you can. You can also pose with the desert falcon for a frame worthy shot.

Quad Biking (Optional)

For those who want a bit more adventure, we recommend touring the desert on a quad bike. It is safe and lets you add excitement to your trip. Even more so than sandboarding. The morning desert safari package offered by us does not include quad biking. But by paying extra for the quad biking experience, you would have taken the desert safari to a whole other level with the quad bike, of course. The morning desert is optimal for those who love to ride.

What Our Morning Safari Dubai Package Includes

Free Pickup and Drop

We will pick you up and drop you back at your hotel within Dubai city for free so that you can experience a wonderful desert safari trip without any worry in the morning. Our local guide will accompany you during the journey. The expert tour guide assigned to you is well equipped to look after you and your family during the early morning cruise of the empty roads of Dubai.

The Morning Desert Safari Experience

This will easily be one of the best tours of the Dubai desert that you have ever had. You will be welcomed quite grandly with delicious top-quality local dates and delicious Arabic coffee known as Gahwa. Your day begins and you proceed to enjoy the activities listed above. Every dune will excite you and the ride will add to the wonders of your Dubai Trip. The local camel farm is open to visit and you can interact with them and also experience camel riding as part of your desert safari package.

Basic Refreshments

You will be provided with cold water to keep you hydrated and refreshed throughout. Since this is a morning desert safari, no other food or beverages are included as part of the package. Once you are done with the dune bashing, you will be provided with dates and coffee. Delicious breakfast cuisine is available for purchase to enhance your experience of our tours.

Safe Journey and Expert Tour Guide

Throughout the morning desert safari, right from when you are picked up at your hotel, you will have expert company and will journey in a safe vehicle driven by experts who have strong knowledge of the Dubai transportation system.


  • Here is a brief idea on what you can expect from this highly exciting morning desert safari Dubai is known for.
  • Our morning safari lets you explore the golden sands like never before and here is how we do it.


Pickup and drop timings

Pickup- 07:00 AM to 08:00 AM Drop- 11:00 PM to 12:00 PM We request our guests to be mindful of the tour departure time in the morning so that you can make the most out of your morning desert safari experience. Dubai is quite a sight to behold in the early hours so you won’t regret waking up early for a wonderful desert safari!

Cancellation policy

You can cancel the tour prior to 24 hours before the trip duration and receive a full refund from us. Please note that once you are within the 24 hour limit, you will not be receiving any refund. We also do not encourage any changes that are made to the plan within 24 hours of the decided trip timing. Our free cancellation policy is based on the local time. Since this is an outdoor experience and the Dubai weather can be quite unpredictable, if the tour needs to be canceled due to poor weather, don’t worry. You are fully insured. You will be refunded or another date can be selected accordingly. You can reach out to us for detailed information regarding our cancellation policy.


  • Pickup and Drop to Hotel within Dubai city limits.
  • Desert driving and dune bashing in a safe vehicle driven by professionals.
  • Sandboarding
  • Camel trekking and camel riding.
  • Reaction video during desert safari.
  • Mineral water
  • Coffee and Dates
  • Sand Boarding & Viewing Dubai Desert Sunset
  • Quad Biking
  • Fire Show
  • Belly Dance
  • Food and Beverages such as soft drinks

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Can senior citizens go for morning desert safari dubai?
There is no age limit to enjoy the morning desert safari in Dubai and hence senior citizens can also go for it. Also, children under 3 years of age can experience this safari for free.
What are the charges for kids for morning desert safari Dubai?
The charge for kids for a morning desert safari in Dubai is INR 2,100 which a kid can not opt for without having at least two adults going along. So, make sure to have a team of at least two adults and then a kid otherwise you won’t be able to book the package.
What meals are included in morning desert safari Dubai?
Since it is a 4-hour long activity, there will be no meals included in the morning desert safari Dubai. However, there will be soft drinks and water served at the site to the guests.
from AED200,00