Best Desert Safari in Dubai

Embark on an electrifying escapade with Desert Raja for one of the most wonderful desert safari experiences, and feel the goosebumps as we navigate you through majestic desert landscapes, towering sand dunes with heart-pounding twists and turns that will leave you breathless.

Avail Desert Safari 2024 Offers With Desert Raja

Enjoy Great Desert Safari Tours, Riding, and More Fun Activities.

Best Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Experience a memorable evening in the captivating Dubai Desert with our evening safari trip. Revel in activities like camel rides, sandboarding, henna painting, and Shisha, making your dreams come true. Witness breathtaking sunsets during a thrilling dune-bashing safari and be ready for an unmatchable thrill of camel riding and sand skiing; leading to a traditional camp where a delightful BBQ buffet dinner awaits. Indulge yourself in Night & Astronomy Desert Safari, where the Flaming Sands of Arabia fire show is performed only on the Platinum Desert Safari.

  • Dune Bashing
  • Sandboarding
  • Camel Ride
  • Buffet Dinner
  • ATV Quad Bike Ride
  • Belly Dance
  • Fire Show
  • Tanura Performance

Duration- 6 hours
Tour Type- Daily Tour
Group Size-7 people
Languages- English

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Dubai Morning Desert Safari

  • Duration- 6 hours
  • Tour Type- Daily Tour
  • Group Size-7 people
  • Languages- English

The best way to spend a morning in the beautiful city of Dubai is to go on a morning desert safari.Experience an action-packed morning safari in the picturesque Dubai desert, riding through dunes, camel interactions, and thrilling activities and make up a beautiful morning experience with your family and friends. Create lasting memories and embrace the excitement of dune bashing, camel rides, and sandboarding. Celebrate the beauty of the Arabian desert and capture unforgettable moments in the golden sands with the guidance and safety of our guides.Our action-packed morning desert safari lasts for 4 hours which includes hotel transportation time.

List of Activities on Evening Desert Safari Tour with DesertRaja

  • Dune Bashing
  • Sandboarding
  • Camel Ride
  • Capturing Memories
  • Quad Biking (Optional)
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Dubai Overnight Desert Safari

An overnight desert safari experience with majestic sand dunes, camel ride, and private tent make this experience one of the most fulfilling ones. This experience lasts 12 hours and includes overnight camping in the desert feasting on a delicious BBQ buffet dinner underneath the star-blanketed dark desert sky and ends with a heart-warming breakfast. During the overnight desert safari, you can indulge in 45 minutes of thrilling dune bashing and an exhilarating ATV Quad Bike Ride on the majestic sand dunes. The adventure continues with a 160 Sandboarding experience, adding to the excitement of exploring the vast desert landscape.

List of Activities on Overnight Desert Safari Tour with DesertRaja

  • 45 Min Dune Bashing
  • ATV Quad Bike Ride
  • 160 Sandboarding
  • Camel Ride
  • Dinner & Breakfast
  • Overnight Camping
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Thrilling Activities in Desert Safari

During our wilderness safaris we offer a wide range of entertainment options that cater to every adventurer’s desires such as:

Dune Bashing

As the sun sets, we prepare a comfortable camp for you to stay beneath the starry desert sky.

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Camping in the Desert

As the sun sets, we prepare a comfortable camp for you to stay beneath the starry desert sky.

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Camel Riding

Take a camel ride through the desert to fully experience its enduring allure, swaying leisurely on the golden dunes with these animals.

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Photography in Arabic Costume

Wear great traditional clothes of the Arab world and take beautiful pictures to show off the memories.

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Quad Biking

Enjoy a spectacular adventure like no other as our drivers take you on an adrenaline-filled journey through undulating desert mountains.

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Sunset Watching

Witness the spectacular desert landscape as the sun sets low in the horizon.

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Best Dubai Desert Safari for Unforgettable and
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Custom Packages

We understand every customer has different needs. That’s why we customize our desert safari packages according to your needs for better customer experience.

Affordable Each Pricing

Our pricing is affordable and every cost in our package is reasonable. We assure you that we have no hidden costs so you don’t have to worry about the pricing of the desert safari.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our job remains incomplete if our guests are not satisfied with their safari experience. That’s why we work extensively to ensure 100% satisfaction to our guests.

Complete Transparency Service

Our costs and desert safari processes are completely transparent. We have no hidden motives or cost.

Easy Cancellation and Refund

Our cancellation policy and refund policies are made to ease anyone who has changed his/her mind.

Why Choose Us?

Experience the Ultimate Desert Safari Experience with Desert Raja.

At Desert Raja, we take pride in being the leading choice for most desert safaris guests, and we are thrilled to present you with a myriad of reasons why we stand out from the rest.

Hospitality: Your Oasis Awaits!

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we go the extra mile to ensure that your desert safari experience is nothing less than exceptional. We believe in treating our guests with warmth, respect, and genuine care.

24/7 Caretakers: We Never Sleep, Only Serve!

At Desert Raja, we provide seamless communication to deliver an unparalleled experience. Our round-the-clock customer service is here to address your inquiries, aid, and accommodate any last-minute changes.

Safari Pros: Years of Expertise by Your Side!

Our team has accumulated exte­nsive experie­nce and expertise­ in the safari industry. We have de­dicated years to this field, acquiring e­ssential skills, ample wealth, and profound knowle­dge to curate a captivating and authentic safari adve­nture for you. Be assured that your trust is place­d upon seasoned professionals who posse­ss an intimate understanding of the de­sert landscape.

A Variety of Safari Options: Choose your Escape!

At Desert Raja, we offe­r personalized dese­rt safaris that cater to every e­xplorer’s desires. Whe­ther you’re see­king an exhilarating dune-bashing expe­rience, a peace­ful sunset camel ride, an imme­rsive glimpse into Bedouin culture­, or a magical overnight camping escapade unde­r the starlit sky, we have the­ perfect safari option tailored just for you.

Guided by Experts, Safer Practices

At our safari expeditions, your safety is our utmost priority. Our team of highly e­xperienced guide­s serve as the strong pillars safe­guarding your journey. Throughout the entire­ty of your remarkable safari expe­rience, our exte­nsively trained professionals will accompany you e­very step of the way, e­nsuring both a secure and unforgettable­ adventure.

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Adventures in Dubai

Dubai offers an array of thrilling adventures along with anunforgettable desert safari ride.

Visit Burj Khalifa

Watch the rush up the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and marvel at Dubai’s expensive skyline from its observation deck.

Hire a Private Yacht

Watch the rush up the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and marvel at Dubai’s expensive skyline from its observation deck.

Go skydiving

Jump out of a plane through Dubai and pamper your body with breathtaking views of the city.

Take a Speed Boat Tour with a View

Set out on a thrilling speed boat tour of Dubai’s coastline, passing by famous locations of the coastline.

What say our travelers?

Read Desert Raja Safari Reviews from Customers.

Nov 27, 2023
by Saif Ahmad on
Trip Was Okay

The evening desert safari in Dubai by Desert raja was a good experience overall but the timings could have been better. Activities were wholesome like dune bashing, ATV Quad Bike Ride, dinner and camping . However, the activities felt a bit rushed, and some aspects of the adventure could have been more organized. We missed sunset as all guests didn’t arrive on time.

Oct 26, 2023
by Amina Rahman on
Unforgettable Desert Raja Tour: A Majestic Journey Through the Sands.

Desert Safari was something I was unsure of doing in Dubai. My husband is very fond of adventure activities and we picked Desert Raja for our desert safari by chance. It was one of the best decisions. The package was budget-friendly, and the adventure was exciting and got us hooked. I suggest desert raja to add more kids adventure to their list as my kids couldn’t have enough of these adventures. I will recommend Desert Raja to anyone looking for an amazing evening safari.

Oct 18, 2023
by Omar Farooq on
Great experience in safari, much recommended

Desert Raja’s evening safari was a great experience altogether. As we carried our dune bashing journey on, our guide helped us unravel the desert. He knew the stories about the traditional culture of the Arabians. He had a great sense of humor and we had the best evening of our lives with desert raja’s evening desert safari.

Desert Raja Safari Location

Each location boasts its own unique aesthetic and character, making for a varied and memorable experience. Desert Raja offers convenient transportation, making it easy to reach your wilderness destination. Whether it’s the serenity of the Arabian Desert or the active dunes of the Lahbab Desert, Desert Sohene is the perfect place to make your desert dreams come true


What are the timings of the Dubai desert safari?

There are different timings of the safari in the desert of Dubai depending on if you want morning desert safari, evening safari, or overnight desert safari. Evening safari starts after noon before sun sets. In contrast, morning and overnight safaris begin with their respective times of morning and evening.

What are the other popular Dubai activities?

Here is the list of other popular Dubai activities that you can go to while on your trip to UAE:Visiting Burj Khalifa Dhow Cruise Dubai MarinThe Dubai FountainHeritage Village The Dubai Mallmany more…

Can I bring an infant to desert safari?

You must be happy to know that there is no age limit for desert safari Dubai; you can bring an infant. However, if an infant is too small (less than 2 years), you probably would not go with him on dune drive. Or you may skip the dune ride and try out other fun activities.

How many people can sit in a car for Dune bashing?

It is possible to sit with 4 to 5 people in a car for dune bashing. However, it totally depends on the car type and size, like a land cruiser has a capacity of around 7-8 people. Also, carrying too much luggage or having many people (more than capacity) in the car may result in an unsatisfying safari trip.

Is Dune bashing safe for a pregnant lady?

Yes absolutely. We offer camel riding, a delicious BBQ dinner, quad biking, sand skiing, and tickets to selected traditional Arab programs such as belly dance, fire shows, and tanoura dance. All these are included in our premium, VIP, or luxury Dubai desert safari packages. We can also arrange it at your request with additional charges.

What to wear during the desert safari Dubai tour?

Wearing a regular comfortable outfit is suggested. When you’re dune bashing and sand skiing, you’ll feel much more at ease. Also, it’s a lot better if you wear sandals rather than shoes since the sand gets inside them and cause trouble.

What do I need to carry on my desert safari Dubai trip?

It is highly recommended to keep only essentials with you. More bulky items and things may cause inconvenience in your trip. To take videos and photos, you may carry a camera, mobile, and better to keep a small backpack for essential commodities.