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At Desert Raja, client care is more important than anything else. All of our packages include a free pickup and drop-off option. We appreciate your time and want you to enjoy an exciting as well as a calming desert trip with us.

Our operators are never in a hurry and let you enjoy your moments whenever needed. We make sure that you are never bored while traveling in our 4×4 luxury cars with free wifi. At Desert Raja, we also try to keep the pricing affordable so that you can enjoy the cheapest desert safari in Dubai without killing the experience; we never overcharge if you are visiting Dubai and want to have an authentic Desert Safari Experience then you know where to find us.

We are Dubai’s leading Desert safari company. We travel the untravelled dunes in the desert to make sure you experience the best Desert safari in Dubai. Unforgettable experience with a lot of fun and adventure. Book your spot Now!

About Us

There are many service providers of desert safari in Dubai, but not all are the best. We don’t boast, but with more than 10000 trusted customers, we feel proud of our desert safari services. Here are the reasons why you choose us to experience the best desert safari in Dubai:

Why Choose Dubai’s #1 Best Desert Safari Company

Book our tour to know why we got the ” Badge of Excellence ” Award from Viator and TripAdvisor.

We have more than 5 years of experience in planning and organising desert safari trips.

To this day, we have planned more than 7000 desert safaris in Dubai.

More than 100+ 4X4 Vehicles never let you wait for your desert safari ride.

We offer you a free hotel pickup and drop facility and the best guidance throughout your desert safari.

It is easy to start with us, and there are no additional fees or hidden charges.

Our 50+ desert safari planners are experts at planning your safari trip.

Here is the list of activities you can perform while on your desert safari with us:

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing

Dune bashing in Dubai desert safari is driving a sports vehicle (Usually SUV) at fast and slow speeds over sand dunes to boost the thrill and adrenaline rush. It feels exciting as sand keeps shifting under the tires of your vehicle.

To drive an SUV on this bumping and thrilling ride requires a special skill that is not hard to learn for those who already know about driving a car. Dune bashing usually lasts for around 45 minutes to 1 hour

Sand boarding

Sand boarding

One of the common desert safari activities sand boarding is similar to snow boarding and comes under the board sports. The Arabian desert has no lack of soft shifting sand that allows you to ride down the dune with the help of a sand board.

If you are a good surfer or snow boarder, sand boarding is easy to perform. Meanwhile, there are no fast and hard rules; you can slide on a sitting, lying, or back position to relish the moment.

Camel Ride

Camel Ride

Came on a desert safari and not enjoyed a camel ride?..that’s not possible at all!! Camel ride is the most traditional way of exploring the desert of Dubai. There’s a reason why ancient people would use a camel ride to travel around the desert.

On camel or horse ride, your evening safari hits more with desert sunset behind the dune and orange sky. Also, following Animal welfare guidelines during your camel riding is necessary.

Buffet Dinner

Buffet Dinner

Best desert safari packages offer you buffet dinner including biryani, chickpeas, lamb kebab, grilled chicken, and many more other food items both for vegan and non-vegan visitors. The most famous buffet dinner includes BBQ dinner and Shisha (Arabian-style tobacco in hubbly bubbly).

ATV Quad Bike Ride

ATV Quad Bike Ride

ATV quad bike ride is a bike riding experience on a 4×4 vehicle called an ATV bike. You can ride an ATV bike on many different terrains like snow, mountain, and sand.

On a desert safari tour, ATV quad bike ride is performed on silky sliding sand over low and high sand dunes. An ATV bike has low air pressure in its tires for complete traction and grip.

Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Belly dance is one of the oldest expressive dance performances of Arabs. After your evening safari tour, when you get back to your desert camp, you can watch a live belly dance performance while enjoying the buffet.

Fire Show

Fire Show

On your desert safari trip, you get a chance to watch goosebumps giving fire acts. The highly trained fire eaters, fire walkabouts, fire dancers, and fire characters surprise you with their fine art and actions.

Tanura Performance

Tanura Performance

Tanura is a folk dance that you will probably see on your trip to desert safari Dubai. It is usually performed by a man who continuously takes turns on Sufi music, making the performance one of the highlighted moments of your Dubai desert safari tour.


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