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What is a desert safari in Dubai?
Desert Safari Dubai is an outdoor thrilling adventure trip in Dubai's desert. This tour includes a complete set of activities like Dune Bashing, Camel Riding, belly dancing, ATV Quad Bike riding, sand boarding, fire shows, and delicious dinner around the desert camp under the light of the stars.
What are the types of desert safari?
Following are the types of safari in the desert of Dubai:
Morning desert safari
It is an authentic safari experience in the morning when the sun rises around the golden sand. You get picked from your hotel with an SUV or land cruiser to drive over red dunes (Dune-Bashing). Then get an opportunity for a camel ride, local cuisine, and lots of fun & adventure on morning desert safari.
Evening desert safari
This starts in the evening when the sun is about to set. You get a chance to drive an SUV for dune bashing on the red dunes and then enjoy other activities included in your safari package.
Overnight desert safari
Overnight desert safari is an experience where you fully encounter the desert around a true bedouin camp at nighttime. Exhibitions, a camel ride, Arabic drumming, and yola dance are some of the activities you remember when your safari trip is completed.
What does a perfect desert safari Dubai trip package include?
A perfect desert safari consists of various activities like camel ride, red dune drive, sandboarding, horse riding, ATV Quad bike riding over sand dunes, soft drinks, veg and non-veg food options, BBQ dinner and buffet with Shisha, henna painting, and belly dance & live fire acts around Bedouin-style camp.
How long will the camel ride last?
It completely depends on the availability and timing of the subsequent activity. However, a camel ride or horse riding may last for a few minutes, which will give you great memories later.
What are the charges for a desert safari in Dubai?
The price of an evening desert safari tour starts from $40 to $100 per person, depending on the activities covered in the package. Some of the companies offer evening safari at lower prices, but they later reveal their hidden charges in desert safari deals.
Can I bring alcohol to my bedouin camp?
Alcohol from outside is not allowed in your camp. We offer you bar and alcohol services in your camp. You can buy it with some extra charges.
How safe desert safari Dubai is?
Safari of the desert is safe in Dubai as you are not visiting there alone. There will be an entire group, a trusted tour operator, and proper guidance throughout your safari trip. An Evening Desert Safari tour is highly recommended as it covers most of the activities and adventures while the drive continues across the desert. The instructors stay with you on every activity and make sure everything goes smoothly without any trouble.
Can I bring an infant to desert safari?
You must be happy to know that there is no age limit for desert safari Dubai; you can bring an infant. However, if an infant is too small (less than 2 years), you probably would not go with him on dune drive. Or you may skip the dune ride and try out other fun activities.
How many people can sit in a car for Dune bashing?
It is possible to sit with 4 to 5 people in a car for dune bashing. However, it totally depends on the car type and size, like a land cruiser has a capacity of around 7-8 people. Also, carrying too much luggage or having many people (more than capacity) in the car may result in an unsatisfying safari trip.
Is Dune bashing safe for a pregnant lady?
Desert safari Dubai is a great adventure and memorable thing to do with your family and loved ones. However, Dune bashing is an integral part of this trip where people inside the SUV, Jeep, or land cruiser may experience unstoppable shaking. It sounds unsafe for a pregnant lady or infant. You can skip this part and try other things for the safety purpose of your family or child.
What do I need to carry on my desert safari Dubai trip?
It is highly recommended to keep only essentials with you. More bulky items and things may cause inconvenience in your trip. To take videos and photos, you may carry a camera, mobile, and better to keep a small backpack for essential commodities.
Will I get vegetarian food on my desert safari trip in Dubai?
Yes! We offer foods for both vegetarians and non-vegetarian visitors in snacks as well as the main course. There are many veg dishes like Cabbage Salad, samosa, rice, soft drinks, noodles, veg curry, etc. For non-vegans, we offer chicken and lamb kebab, a BBQ buffet dinner, along with special Shisha.
When should I visit desert safari Dubai?
There is no specific time of visiting for a safari in Dubai; you can come any time in a year. However, if you want to experience the real vibes of the desert, the winter season is the perfect time for doing that. In winter the desert feels more pleasant and attractive.
What are the timings of the Dubai desert safari?
There are different timings of the safari in the desert of Dubai depending on if you want morning desert safari, evening safari, or overnight desert safari. Evening safari starts after noon before sun sets. In contrast, morning and overnight safaris begin with their respective times of morning and evening.
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